To expand the Kingdom of God by loving people unconditionally, teaching them without religious bondage equipping them for relevant ministry and developing them to live without pretense and fulfill their destiny in the spirit of excellence.   We will transform our world by intensifying our relationship with Jesus Christ through the vehicle of love. We are to bring Love to everyone without apology.

II.  Vision of Mt. Zion Pilgrim

It is the dream of Mt. Zion Pilgrim to provide a house for all people to be transformed by the power of the Word of God.

It is the dream of being a refuge in the region and world by helping the hurting, lost. Depressed, frustrated, downtrodden and dejected by offering them real hope for their real issues.

It is a dream of growing up in Christ with people from various backgrounds and united under the banner of Christ to make a meaningful impact in our world.

It is the dream of becoming everyday and in every way what God has inspired us to do.

It is the dream of knowing that anything that God has placed in our hearts will become a reality.

This is a twofold venture:

Multiplying Converts

Multiplication of disciples: carrying out the Great Commission of winning the lost to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Occupying Cultures

Teaching and Training Disciples to obey Christ Command to occupy (take over, do business) until he comes; thus ascending into positions of influence that enable them to change the game for the Kingdom of God.