The Ministries of the Church have been developed to provide each member with an opportunity to put into practice one’s Christian testimony and faith and to offer outreach services to individuals and families living in the community. Each member of the church is encouraged to become involved with at least one Ministry and to be nurtured in one group so that he or she will experience healthy Christian growth and development.

Church Leadership

  • Elder Charles E. Brumfield, Jr. – Pastor/Chief Servant
  • Evangelist Beverly Bolton – Intercessory Prayer

Deacon Board:

  • Dea. Hollie Clark
  • Dea. Phillip Rushing
  • Dea. Jackie Clark
  • Dea. Thomas Baham
  • Dea. Jerome “Bo” Elzy

AMPED Youth (A Ministry Preparing Extreme Disciples)

  • Sis. Sharon Walker Co-Director
  • Sis. Rene Brown Co-Director
  • Member Services – Sis. Troy Allen
  • Executive Assistant to the Pastor – Sis. Nikki Penn