The Mount Zion Pilgrim Missionary Baptist church of Covington was birthed in the year of 1903 as a group of faithful believers joined together to Worship the Lord.  This group of believers moved from Home to Home over the course of the next few years and in the year of 1907 the Second Baptist Church was established which is currently Mt. Zion Pilgrim. The first pastor was the Rev. J.A. Price.  It was not until the tenure of Rev. J.S. Barrett in the year of 1912 that the church purchased a new edifice on the corner of Jackson and 30th Ave. and built a wooden church that was affectionately called “Little Mt. Pilgrim.”

The church went through a few pastors and continued to expand. During the tenure of Rev. Henry B. Black in 1936 that a fire totally destroyed the house of Worship and labored until a new edifice was erected.

Rev. Dr. Wilker Neal was a pastor who was loved and respected and helped bring structure to the congregation and was succeeded by Rev. Earl E. Jolivett, Sr. who worked continuously for the betterment of the body.

During the pastorate of Rev. Clayton Neal the church purchased additional property in the city of Covington, LA and he served until his final transition in May 2010.

The church would be in a period of great transition from May 2010 until March 2011 when Elder Charles E. Brumfield, Jr. was asked to preached among the many who came to Mt. Zion Pilgrim it was clear that he was God’s man for this body of believers. He was elected as the 17th Pastor of Mt. Zion Pilgrim on March 19, 2011.

The ministry is being transformed from just a church to the KINGDOM as Pastor Brumfield is leading the church out of a great crisis of debt and empowering people to be who God called them to be.

The future of Mt. Zion Pilgrim is brighter than ever as they are changing the way a generation experiences God.